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Micologia Forestal & Aplicada, R+D Products and Technologies for MycorrhizaWild Mushroom and Truffle Farming

Mature trees inoculation

Other fungi coexist with truffles into the brûle. Mushrooms that fruit at young stands are not the same that appear when the forest gets older. A temporal succession exists and we can take part on it when the conditions are suitable.

Truffles live associated to mature trees and their inoculation could reduce the time we wait for start fruiting.

These techniques have a great value for the regeneration and creation of new truffieres, as well as for those artificial plantations that lose truffle mycorrhizae.

But with the last results, conclusion is that is hard to mycorrhizate mature trees with truffle when they already have other fungi on their roots. In our studies, some trees, like hazel, are easier to mycorrhizate in late stages than oaks.

Download here our results about black truffle inoculation on hazels.PDF

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